Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First post

So what is this all about?

I am going to use this blog to track my advancement in the various MMOs I play. I will also post about MMOs in general, and maybe roundup any interesting stuff out on the web.

I have been playing MMOs for a long time now and I have left a slew of orphaned characters across cyberspace. Here is a short history of my MMO playing career (chronological order may be a bit messy)

  1. UO
  2. Nexon's Dark Ages
  3. Everquest
  4. Dark Age of Camelot
  5. Everquest Online Adventures
  6. Final Fantasy XI
  7. World of Warcraft
  8. Everquest 2
  9. Final Fantasy XI
  10. World of Warcraft
  11. Everquest
  12. Final Fantasy XI
  13. Vanguard
  14. Lord of the Rings Online
  15. World of Warcraft
  16. Everquest
  17. World of Warcraft
Right now I am back concentrating on World of Warcraft again. My main is Fansy I level 39 Tauren Warrior on Ursin (not my highest level character, but pretty much the only one I play). I am in the Fear the Boot guild, a guild based around my favorite pen and paper RPG podcast.

I am also dabbling in EQ, EQ2, and VG at this point but only as distractions. If you are interested my mains on those games are:
  • EQ: Hakiko, Halfling Druid Combine server (just started)
  • EQ2: Birget, Dark Elf Bruiser AB (just started)
  • VG: Gina Gallo, Human Monk Xeth (just started)
As you can see I just rolled this characters and my current WoW toon is not very high level. This is because I have just restarted on MMOs after taking a break due to burn out. It was a good break full of Oblivion, and lots and lots of Calling all Cars.

I do not plan on doing any real raiding anymore. My raiding days are long over at this point. I raided in EQ and (although they don't call it raiding) raided a lot in FFXI. I dabbled a bit in WoW and have never been in a group bigger than 6 in EQ2. The WoW guild I am in is pretty small and casual so there is very little chance of me getting back into raiding there, although the Heroic Instance progression looks cool to me and much more manageable.

What this means is that once I hit cap in these games I will be spending less time in them. That is why I have a few games lined up right now. When I hit cap in WoW I will be switching my focus to either EQ2 or VG (EQ1 is around mainly because I cannot let it go) I will then work towards cap in that game before moving on.

I will not be leveling at uber-hardcore speeds because I have been there, done that and at this point just want to enjoy the ride.

I will try to post most days on what I accomplished in each game the night before and what I am looking forward to accomplishing in the future. These posts may be spread out through the day and may be interrupted by posts on other subjects (always MMO related).

There are people out there who enjoy watching other people play video games. Looking around the internet it seems that there are even more people interested in reading about other people playing video games.

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