Friday, December 28, 2007

Mount up

My holiday weekend business payed off big time to the tune of 150 gold. Ifigure my initial investment at about 50 gold so it was quite successful. This game me enough to grab my mount, my level 40 skills, upgrade to decent plate, and respec to arms. I did this just to try something different and become familiar with a different play style.

I also noticed that my guild was short on druids so I rolled one as an alt. I am not too into alting in WoW because I am playing two other games on the side. However it will be good to have some other toons to play when they are full up on rest XP.

It looks like I will have a pretty good quest selection to choose from at 40. I have a few level 40 Arathi quests, a bunch of STV quests 40+ and some Marsh quests ranging from 37 on up. I prefer to do green quests when possible (I am lazy) so I should be able to keep myself in greens for a while.

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