Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Fansy has been running through the high 30s low 40s quests in Dustwallow over the holiday weekend. I managed to sew up all the green quests in that zone and moved back to Arathi to tackle the quests that had turned green for that area. I dinged 43 and managed to gather up the seals I need for my 40 weapon quest. I also managed to pass the annoying First Aid quest on the first try (it took me many, many tries on my Alliance priest). The First Aid quest is much easier for the Horde though. In fact I managed to get my camera situated in a good overhead view that made it almost trivial.

I also managed to build back up to 50 gold rather quick by reselling leather on the AH. I was initially nervous when I started doing this but it has turned out to be a really easy and dependable way to make cash.

I am actually surprised at the changes from the 2.3 patch (the ones that brought me back to the game). I expected the patch to just make it easier and quicker to blast through that super boring range from the late 30s to the early 50s, the range that made me swear I would not ever level another toon again. While the patch certainly has made those levels go faster it has done something else too, it has made them fun. In fact I would say that this is the most fun I have ever had playing WoW. Not only are the quests plentiful, well paced, and rewarding but everything just seems tied together story-wise in a way that WoW always seemed to lack to me. I feel like I am out exploring and working in several zones and things interconnect. Before it always felt like you were in zone A in this range and never thought of it once you left for zone B.

I only wish I wasn't on a PvP server. WoW world PvP is without a doubt the most ill conceived PvP system in a long, long time. In fact it is so bad that I will dedicate a future post on just how royally they screwed up when designing it.

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