Monday, January 28, 2008


Well due to some drama I have moved my focus from the Fear the Boot guild on Ursin to the Pig and Whistle Society on Kirin Tor. At first I was worried because this is an alliance side guild so I would have to leave poor Fansy behind at 46. Luckily I found an old 41 human priest Waevan that I could transfer over and pick up right about where I was leaving off with Fansy. I'll be playing with many of the same people too.

Picking up a character that you have not touched in a year or so at level 40+ is a little rough. I found the best thing was to just completely clear all my hot buttons out and go back through my abilities and reorganize. This allowed me to relearn what everything did.

I was concerned at first because I was Holy spec (I had been leveling only in dungeons with the toon) but it seems I can kill pretty well and hardly ever get hit so I guess I'll stick with it.

The new guild seems to be pretty good size (over 300 characters), we'll see how many are active and if I can get groups on a regular basis.

I did get to do the cool quest line that ends in the sea monster attack on Theramore. This was a lot of fun, I suggest anyone in the right level range grab it. It starts with "This Old Lighthouse". I'll post screenshots when I get home.

Managed to get from 0% at 41 to halfway through 43. Good weekend.

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