Friday, January 4, 2008

My Favorite Blogs and Podcasts

Here are the gaming related Blogs and Podcasts that I really enjoy:

1) Without a doubt my favorite spot on the web is They have a great podcast that focuses on pen and paper RPGs, they give really good advice and cover a lot of interesting topics. What really causes the show to gel is the interplay between the hosts, their personalities work well together and the show is fun to listen to even for people who are not into pen and paper gaming. On top of the show they have a great forum community with lots of fun stuff, good ideas, and good advice flying around. The FtB forums are set to my homepage.

2) The second place I hit when I fire up my browser is I first noticed this blog a few weeks back when she had a post about making an offline single player version of Everquest. I started reading her other posts and really enjoyed her gaming stories and the kinds of ideas she presented. It steadily made the way up my must visit list.

3) I also really enjoy a few of the podcasts over at Virgin Worlds. The ones I like the most are Voyages of Vanguard and The Online Gamer's Anthology.

Voyages of Vanguard covers Troy's journeys in the MMO Vanguard. The show is pretty interesting even though I only dabble in Vanguard. He also has a blog.

The Online Gamer's Anthology is a kind of history of gaming podcast. They have done episodes on things like Meridian 59 and Zork. I really have fun listening to this show as it is very well done.

4) I also have a number of blogs on my bookmark list that I make sure I hit every day:
The Elder Game
Kill Ten Rats
MMOG Nation
The Ancient Gaming Noob

5) Another blog site I hit up a few time a day is Game Set Watch.
There are two columns in particular that I really enjoy @Play, which is about roguelikes, and Game Mag Weaseling, which covers the gaming magazines and really got me started reading the British mags (I find them to be much better than the U.S. ones, especially Retro Gamer).

6)I get most of my video game news from
I stay pretty loyal to this site because for years I enjoyed their excellent OPM publication. I was sad to see it go but there is still plenty to keep my coming to the site. By plenty I mean: Scott Sharkey, Jeremy Parish and James Mielke. All three are involved in the on again off again Retronauts podcast (which I love) and write some pretty funny and interesting stuff. I used to really enjoy Mielke's FFXI blog but have not seen it in a long time.

7) I try and keep up with the Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Usually I would not be that interested in a podcast produced by a company that produces the product it is on but I really enjoy Mike Mearle's game design work like Iron Heroes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention!

Brenda said...

/blush thanks ))

- Tipa

Zubon said...

Your kind words bring us honor. And yes, they are good sites.

- Zubon of Kill Ten Rats

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