Monday, February 11, 2008


OK, I have really enjoyed Stargate. Thanks again to the guys at Insert Coin Live for recommending it. I really thought it would be something very different. It is right up my alley. It reminds me a lot of the original Star Trek series where science fiction writers used the episodic exploration premise to explore different sci-fi stories every week. While Stargate does have some overplot it is not a soap opera. It is also far less militant than I feared. I worried it would turn out to be "kill everything on the blue planet, next week we conquer the red planet". I am just wrapping up the first season now and will be watching the second for sure. Hopefully it holds up.

They often explore things from a scientific point of view rather than a save the captured blond chick point of view. There is a larger plot involving the rescue of Daniel's wife and a kid named Scar. They do manage to make progress on this every few episodes. They find some clue, or a hint of a way to remove the parasites.

One thing they do that I like is the low number of alien species. They seem to save non-human characters to explore new topics, forgoing the cliched aliens as race/gender metaphor. They actually use humans for this.

Early on there was a little bit of rescue the captured blond female team member but they seemed to get past that quickly. One thing I am surprised by is that there is some nudity. I was not expecting this from a TV show.


Anonymous said...

the pilot that had nudity was because it was originally on showtime. there is not going to be anymore of that. the best season im my eyes is season 7 its just breath taking. season 8 is no slouch either. 9 and 10 go down hill from there.


rmckee78 said...

OK, that makes more sense.

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