Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Return to EQ

I made my return to Everquest this week when I joined Tipa's Nostalgia the Guild. So far I am having a blast with my halfling druid Hakiko on Luclin. I got through the tutorial with some help from some of my new guild mates. This was the first time I ever did the new tutorial all the way through and it ends in a pretty impressive bang.
This is a pretty cool mob to down at level 10 for EQ.

After leaving the tutorial I started work on my Newbie Armor quests and got the Moss Toe Cap, Gloves, and Bracers finished. I am finding the drop rate to be much higher on these quests than it has been in the past when I did them. I got all of the rat furs in about half an hour, all of the Large Wood Spider parts in three kills and I am getting a steady supply of Spiderling Silks. The only problem I seem to be having is with the Giant Wood Spiders, the one time I killed one I got three of the drops I needed. The problem is I cannot seem to find one again. There only seems to be one in the whole zone, and it does not seem to spawn often. I have been messing around to see if there is a placeholder I have to kill to spawn it, but haven't had much luck.

I also grabbed my Warg reward from the expansion. This thing is great! It seems to increase my mana regen and is a lot of fun just to ride around on.

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