Thursday, May 8, 2008


There was a time when I was a regular poster on I posted several times a day and the site always had some kind of stimulating conversation about virtual worlds. It started to descend into "why did the devs nerf this?" territory and then took the full plunge into cross game flame wars.

I checked it out today to see if they had cleaned it up any and found this as the top post. I admit that I did not read far into the post, I only needed a few "No you FAIL" comments to see how things were going. It is sad that my once favorite message board is now cluttered with this junk. Obviously there were always flame wars and trolls but by the time I left it was completely out of hand.

It is a shame they haven't started some real moderation over there to clean it up. I do wonder if Gameloading is still around. He could get a bit flamey from time to time but was overall a breath of fresh air when it came to Korean game discussion.

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