Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nostalgia the Guild does Paludal

Tonight our Tuesday progression group did Paldual Caverns. We managed to get from 15 to 20 with only one death.
Here you can see us resting up between battles Fada and Soaridor were mages, Sela is our guild leader's (Tipa) fearless halfling Paladin. I am Hakiko the Halfling druid and Tesser the Beasmaster rounded out our crew. We were killing quick and Sela was able to overpull all night, which made it more fun and kept us on our toes.

Sadly Fada got wacked when he got seperated from the group and jumped by some usavory types. Here he is in non-corpse version. We were able to get his corpse back to him and start pulling bandits for the rest of the night. Fada was dishing out some serious damage.

Sela was looking impressive in her shiny armor and pulled a constant stream of mobs all night long. She manages to walk tht fine line between too many mobs and a thrilling line of combat, always staying on top of mana.

Tesser was pulling triple duty, off tanking, off healing, and dishing out the pain with her tiger pet. She was on top of adds and kept her eye on the health bars ready to jump in if I got overwhelmed.

Soaridor showed real attention the many aspects of the mage job, grabbing the occaisonal mob that aggro'd me and doing a good job walking the hate line. I very rarely saw him draw aggro despite being very active, this is a good way to keep the healer happy.

As for me, I was just trying to keep up with these guys and not get anyone killed. I am pretty happy with my performance tonight. I had no runners get loose and only one death. I am getting more comforatable with my party role and finding that healing in EQ is a lot like healing in FFXI. Keep your eyes on the bars, check the scene every couple of secods, and get in a good, low aggro rythm with your heals. I still have a lot to learn especially about picking out what loot will sell. Eveyone else looted several plat worth of stuff over the course of he night. I was encumbered with an paltry 5 gold worth of junk.

Next week...Unrest.


brenda said...

Nice writeup!

I wish I had remembered to use Lay of Hands on Fada when he was dying. Then we'd have had zero deaths (

David said...

I wish that I had time to run 2 characters and be in this group as well. I always loved Paludal

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