Thursday, May 22, 2008


Been sick so it took me a bit to get this up. I am writing this at work so screenshots will follow.

Ran around and collected two more pieces of my newbie armor before the Unrest run (these spiders almost never pop).

Got to Unrest at level 20 and made it to 23 (just shy of 24). I did not have a banner night, personally. At first it was just me and Sela (Tipa) and I got completely stun locked and dead on the first pull. Then I got stuck in the pool outside the mansion and had to be towed out with autofollow.

Once we got inside things went pretty smoothly and I got a gem to boost my stats off of one of Bjoern's dopplegangers.

Sadly Fada got creamed while we were in a hard to get to spot which put him out for most of the rest of the night. He went down fast, I started to cast Heal when he was at 84% and he was dead by the time it was done.

I used Lesser Succor for the first time. I had to memorize it while we were dying and kept getting hit. Sela (or someone) grabbed the mob that was hitting me long enough for me to get it off and as the screen faded I saw she was at 2% HP. I'll be shooting for 1% next time.

After that we regrouped with Fada and pulled from the lower level for the rest of the night.

Sometime early in the night I picked up a decent Belt that either Fada or I could use without realizing it while looting. I tried to get him to roll on it later but I am not sure he ever saw the message. I attached my gem to it but Fada if you want you are welcome to roll on it next Tuesday. Fair is fair.

After we finished up I managed to get my last piece of newbie armor and my scimitar!

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Loredena said...

Unrest was fun! I'm getting a lot of practice at pulling adds off the healer and clothie I must say. In my previous lives as warrior and cleric I knew how much aggro the shaman slows generate (Sisca also played a shammy) and as Tesser I'm getting to prove it out. Theoretically as a hybrid I should have somewhat better survivability at least, plus the pet can help take the heat off as well.

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