Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wierd ways that people get to my blog

Looking at my Traffic Sources there are a few that stand out:

Coming in at number 24 is "rambo burma femininst". Obviously this is from when I reviewed the new Rambo film. I just think it is odd that anyone was searching for Rambo+feminist

"Black Eagle Barony" Obviously this refers to the villains of the D+D Mystara setting. Good to know that people still search for them.

"savage dukes" Obviously this is refering to my writeup on Dr. Luke Meyer's excellent Savage Dukes of Hazard game at Fear the Con. I just wondering what the person searching for that unlikely combination was hoping to get.

"'lawful good' seven samurai" ... I have no idea

Hopefully all of these people found what they were looking for. I am dissapointed that there were no pornographic searches leading to my blog. I will have to try harder to work those in. Perhaps Hot Troll on Catwoman Action....

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