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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

EQ blog

From the EQ Blog
I am working on the details right now for the Beta rollout. Last year we had a longer Beta period and I believe it helped nail down some of the nasty bugs that would have made it though in the 6 month dev cycles. We plan to do a similar Beta cycle this expansion as well.
Once we are getting a little closer to the Beta date I will send out instructions for those of you that would like to participate. Just a reminder… we absolutely love working with players and guilds that can commit to a schedule. We tend to give those players/ guilds more detailed interaction with the Dev Team and in most cases real-time game balancing. If you think that you might be interested or you would like your guild to be considered, please make sure you follow the Beta instructions when they roll out next month.

It seems like SOE has actually been adapting over the last year or so. First the changes to EQ2 to make it a much, much better game; then the move away from fire and forget EQ1 expansions. I wonder what they can do with Vanguard over time?

Playstation 2

My two favorite consoles of all time are the Super Nintendo and the Playstation 2. According to Sony's E3 presentation the Playstation 2 has sold 1.5 million units 2008 calendar year. For comparison Playstation 3 sold 1.8 million units. This is astounding considering its age and the fact that we have moved on to the next generation. No wonder this generation has seemed so lackluster game wise, the last one isn't over yet.

It also looks like PS2 is getting 130 games this year. Now obviously a lot of those will involve Spongebob but it is till impressive.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nintendo DS

Unless something drastic was announced at E3 since I checked this morning it looks like the Nintendo DS is going to be THE system again this year as far as I am concerned. We are a few days away from FFIV dropping, and it looks awesome.

Here is some video too.

Add to that the recent release of Shiren the Wanderer (a real roguelike for once), a sequel to Izuna (pretty close to a roguelike), and a sequel to the awesome Etrian Odessey and the year is strong already.

Add to that the fact that starting in September we will be getting a remake of Dragon Quest IV, and the first NA releases of DQs V and VI and the year just keeps getting better. All this is topped off by the looming monster that is DQ9.

I have a PS3 and quite frankly there is not a whole lot for either it or the Xbox 360 that really interests me. There are a few games I have enjoyed but neither of them is really putting any distance out on my PC this time around. I am pretty disappointed in this console generation so far, except for the DS. It is the game machine for gamers, which is ironic since it seems kiddie but all the little kids are off badmouthing each other on Xbox.

Spells are expensive

Spent an hour or so last night running around getting spells that I haven't bothered to pick up. I easily blew through 150 plat and still didn't have them all. I still have many, many more Circle spells to go. Hopefully tonights run will be as financially successful as last weeks.

I also need to look into what gear I should be wearing, I am wearing my racial armor with PoK add ons. Need to figure out the best way to sort through EQ's massive amount of gear here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Looks like Nostalgia's Friday night group just took down Vox without high level buffs or help, with 10 toons. Excellent work guys. Excellent work.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What I am listening to

Time to shamelessly plug cool people on the internet again.
I love podcasts, especially podcasts about gaming. Here are the ones I am currently frequenting:

fear the boot: My first podcast love. This is one of the best gaming related podcasts and the have been going strong for over 100 episodes now. They have an excellent cast, in fact they have had several different excellent casts over the last two years. They have a strong and helpful community. Earlier this year the put on a great convention.

The Online Gamer Anthology: This podcast deals with the roots of MMO gaming. They have just wrapped up a two episode series on pen and paper D&D. Technically this is a one host show but he always has plenty of guests like Troy who seems to be on every MMO podcast. He has done classic Everquest, text games, Meridian, you name it.

Backseat Producers: This is run by Tony Mast and is a bunch of guys sitting around talking about movies. A bunch of really funny guys.

Bear Swarm: This is a bunch of guys sitting around talking about gaming. They are funny, and they know their stuff. I was lucky enough to meet some of them at Fear the Con in March and they were great guys.

The Podgecast: This features some former FtB cast members and Joe talking about gaming, movies etc. They just had their first episode and it was a blast.

The Man Cast: This isn't what you think. It is not like the Man Show. They discuss things in a smart witty fashion.

Red Earth Saga: I got to meet Phil at FtC and he is a really nice guy. This is a pretty cool concept where he is developing a sci fi setting and keeping us up to date while discussing the choices he makes.

Retronauts: I love this show. Technically speaking it is not very well done, and the hosts mention this every episode. It rambles, it is wayyy too long, but the hosts are insanely knowledgeable about classic video games and very funny

There are a few others I have just downloaded episodes of to try out like EQ-IQ. I'll let you know how they are.

I am only keeping up with a few blogs right now due to pressures at work:
West Karana
@Play: excellent roguelike blog

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Night in a Scary Tower

Last night we headed out to the frozen tower in the Iceclad Ocean. Getting inside was a bit of a challenge with a couple of obligatory Fada deaths and one Hakiko death just for good measure. Once inside things turned around. We had steady good pulls from Sela and were basically tearing the place up. We made our way to the camp on the second floor where we took on Zorglim the Dead and spent the rest of the night.

All in all it was a good night. I leveled three times and we had Ebonfang come out to group with us for the first time. Hopefully he will be back for more. I think we are planning on starting on the second floor of the tower next week and going from there.

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