Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nintendo DS

Unless something drastic was announced at E3 since I checked this morning it looks like the Nintendo DS is going to be THE system again this year as far as I am concerned. We are a few days away from FFIV dropping, and it looks awesome.

Here is some video too.

Add to that the recent release of Shiren the Wanderer (a real roguelike for once), a sequel to Izuna (pretty close to a roguelike), and a sequel to the awesome Etrian Odessey and the year is strong already.

Add to that the fact that starting in September we will be getting a remake of Dragon Quest IV, and the first NA releases of DQs V and VI and the year just keeps getting better. All this is topped off by the looming monster that is DQ9.

I have a PS3 and quite frankly there is not a whole lot for either it or the Xbox 360 that really interests me. There are a few games I have enjoyed but neither of them is really putting any distance out on my PC this time around. I am pretty disappointed in this console generation so far, except for the DS. It is the game machine for gamers, which is ironic since it seems kiddie but all the little kids are off badmouthing each other on Xbox.

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