Friday, July 11, 2008

What I am listening to

Time to shamelessly plug cool people on the internet again.
I love podcasts, especially podcasts about gaming. Here are the ones I am currently frequenting:

fear the boot: My first podcast love. This is one of the best gaming related podcasts and the have been going strong for over 100 episodes now. They have an excellent cast, in fact they have had several different excellent casts over the last two years. They have a strong and helpful community. Earlier this year the put on a great convention.

The Online Gamer Anthology: This podcast deals with the roots of MMO gaming. They have just wrapped up a two episode series on pen and paper D&D. Technically this is a one host show but he always has plenty of guests like Troy who seems to be on every MMO podcast. He has done classic Everquest, text games, Meridian, you name it.

Backseat Producers: This is run by Tony Mast and is a bunch of guys sitting around talking about movies. A bunch of really funny guys.

Bear Swarm: This is a bunch of guys sitting around talking about gaming. They are funny, and they know their stuff. I was lucky enough to meet some of them at Fear the Con in March and they were great guys.

The Podgecast: This features some former FtB cast members and Joe talking about gaming, movies etc. They just had their first episode and it was a blast.

The Man Cast: This isn't what you think. It is not like the Man Show. They discuss things in a smart witty fashion.

Red Earth Saga: I got to meet Phil at FtC and he is a really nice guy. This is a pretty cool concept where he is developing a sci fi setting and keeping us up to date while discussing the choices he makes.

Retronauts: I love this show. Technically speaking it is not very well done, and the hosts mention this every episode. It rambles, it is wayyy too long, but the hosts are insanely knowledgeable about classic video games and very funny

There are a few others I have just downloaded episodes of to try out like EQ-IQ. I'll let you know how they are.

I am only keeping up with a few blogs right now due to pressures at work:
West Karana
@Play: excellent roguelike blog

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Sweet. Two of my shows are on there.


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