Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Life #1: Cpt. Duke Gerald Hamilton

Classic Traveller
Duke Cpt. Gerald Hamilton, Navy Deceased

Personal ID Number: 645F8F

Born to a wealthy noble family on heavy world Yu-Shar, Gerald always knew he would follow the family tradition of the eldest male serving in the Navy. Straight out of school he accepted a commission and trained for the medical corps. He also rated well with the auto pistol.

During his second term he joined the Search and Rescue division where he piloted a small ship to rescue and care for Navy personal who were forced to abandon ship. He distinguished himself in several harrowing battles against pirates and was promoted to lieutenant. He was asked to join the Navy fencing team.

During his third term his work on a computer program that made coordinating rescue operations easier got him a promotion to Lt. Commander.

His fourth term saw him promoted to Commander after plotting a tricky course through an asteroid field. His squad of ships arrived at the scene of the battle to commence rescue operations even though others thought them cut off. They made over a hundred sorties through the asteroid field, day and night. Often he got back to the MedStar and switched ships so that he would not loose time due to servicing. Thousands were saved. He was presented with the Silver Sword of Valor and tasked with designing a new generation of rescue carrier.

In his fifth term Hamilton served as chief engineer for the new class of rescue carrier. During this time age began to take its toll and he was told he would have to retire at the end of the term due to his declining health. He was promoted to Captain and allowed to take the new ship out for its short maiden tour. The launching ceremony was grand, he was raised to Duke and given a lifetime membership by the Traveller's Aid Society. Two days out of dock the Excelsior received a distress call from a 600 liner that was on fire. Cpt. Hamilton personally went aboard to supervise the evacuation. With 80% of the passengers evacuated the fire reached the compressed oxygen tanks and the liner was vaporized in under a second. Cpt. Hamilton was lost with the ship. Thanks to the new design the Excelsior was able to survive the blast.

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