Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Life #2

I decided to roll up a Labyrinth Lord character for today. Labyrinth Lord is a D&D Basic/Expert clone, and as someone who came into RPGs with D&D Basic I think it is very well done. I rolled the character the only way a read D&D Basic player does 3d6 straight down the line.

Dex: 9
Con: 15
Int: 15
Wis: 17
Cha: 10

Wow, can't ask for much better rolls than that. Why can't I roll those stats when it counts for something? I decide to go with cleric because it turns out in LL they get a spell at first level (awesome!) and my Wis qualifies me for +10% XP. Let's face it, the less monsters you have to face before you get to level 4 the better. Time to roll HP. One. Crap. Well my Con bonus gets me one extra, so I have 2.

HP: 2

Wow, why couldn't one of those good rolls have been for Dex? This isn't actually as bad as it seems. Let's face it, almost everyone has a good chance at getting one-shotted at level one anyway. Two or three more HP would have been nice, but I still would have always been in danger. I just need to make sure I am as hard to hit as possible.

3d6x10 = 70 gp

Gah! So much for loading up on armor. Looks like studded leather and a shield. Throw in a mace, a holy symbol and the usual adventurer's assortment of backpacks, torches, iron spikes etc.

I'll take lawful as an alignment. Traditionally I did not name or make back story for Basic D&D characters until at least level 2. They are just too fragile. This one especially. Your 2 hp and AC of 5 mean that you will be waiting at least 1565 XP before we know more about you.

Since I am by myself I think that memorizing Cure Light Wounds would be overly optimistic. The chances of me ever getting to cast it are very small. Protection From Evil seems like a much better choice. It will make my saves and AC better.

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