Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Stuff

So, inspired by perusing old school gaming blogs I pulled out my Classic Traveller books and rolled up some characters. No idea what I will do with them, probably nothing, but it was fun. I might make a ship for them and a couple of star systems.

Speaking of Traveller, I need to polish up my GURPS Traveller adventures before I head back to SC for my group there. They will be playing the crew of the first FTL exploration of the near Sol systems. Actually they won't be playing the crew. Each player will represent one of the special interest groups that helped pay for the mission. They will have to influence the captain to deal with each planet/system/alien they encounter in a way that is beneficial to their group. These guys like to argue.

I got started on the Angel DVDs and practicing guitar again (I am horribly out of shape there).

I read through the Savage Worlds Necessary Evil book. It is an interesting concept, and I appreciate the low level of detail they give with their plot points. The ending is far too heavy handed and forced. If I run it I will not be using the first plot point or the last two or three. There is no group I play with that would not string me up for that level of railroading. I skipped the plot point stuff in the other Savage World products I own. I may have to go back and take a look now at Solomon Kane and Slipstream.

Looking at the days ahead I have a bunch of reading to do about patents. I want to work my way through this New World of Darkness stuff and Hunter: The Vigil. I need to get my games for GenCon ready. I have a bunch of books to read. Finally, I am itching to crack open those Basic D&D boxes and do something with them. I could have a hard time finding an outlet for that though.

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