Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Word Game

Question: There is a category of words, we will call it Category #1. Right now Category #1 contains only one word: Apple. Should “Angry” be in the same category as “Apple”?

How it works: Write a short response telling me if you think “Angry” should be allowed in Category #1 after a few days I will make a decision based on the responses and either admit it into the category or not. I will give my reasons for allowing it or not allowing it. You can draw your arguments from anywhere: the structure of the word, the type of word, usage, definition, number of letters, language it came from, famous appearances, anything. But, anything you present as fact you need to provide a link for.

When I make my decision I will also put forward another word, you can then make arguments about that word using all the same sources and my reason for allowing or not allowing any other words we have covered, The longer we play, the more words we will have covered, and the more complicated and interesting the game will get.


Joseph L. Selby said...

No it should not. Angry is an adjective. Apple is a noun. Angry also precedes Apple alphabetically and contains only one official vowel. These are three cons versus the obvious two pros of both starting with A and both being five letters long.

Alex said...

Yes it should, because anger is one of the seven deadly sins and it was an apple which drove humanity to commit the first sin. Zing!

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